How do I Install Empower Tracking like an App?
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As Empower Tracking is a web app, you cannot download it in Apple Store or Google Play as with other mobile apps. However, you can add it to your smartphone's home screen.

This can be done in a few seconds, as shown below;

Install Empower Tracking on Android phone (w/Chrome browser)

1. On your smartphone, open the webpage in your mobile browser (Google Chrome in this example) and click the more options button as shown in red below.

2. Click "Add to Home Screen", as shown below

Note that this option WILL NOT APPEAR in an Incognito tab, so ensure you are in a standard browser session.

3. Confirm adding the page to your home screen

4. After the app is added to your home screen, you will find it on your home screen, as shown below

Install Empower Tracking on iPhone (w/Safari browser)

1. On your smartphone, open the webpage in a browser (preferably Safari). Click the button as shown below (scroll page to reveal)

Note: You can only add the icon to your page on the iPhone if you use Safari browser.

2. Click "Add to Home screen" as shown in red below (scroll downwards in the list)

3. Confirm by clicking "Add", as shown below

4. You can now find the app on the home screen

Building Empower Tracking as a web app enables you to enjoy more frequent updates and features more deeply integrated with the Empower Platform, amongst many things. If you have further questions, please reach through the chat.

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